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FaceWorld is a global short video social platform where people can record and share wonderful videos in life, providing a free, open, diverse and interesting creative environment for video creators and audiences. We encourage users, anchors, and internet celebrities to join this platform for live streaming. The platform provides professional guidance and traffic support, allowing your work to get more attention and support, and earn huge profits. It also invited video experts from different countries, and you can see their work here. become their fans and exchange experiences. Click to load the application

FaceWorld, part of the Facebook family, was born in mar 2024 in San Francisco, the land of innovation. Our platform bravely redefines the short video landscape, aiming to break creative boundaries and showcase the best of global culture. Let the diversity of global cultures be permanently recorded here. Our goal is to connect the world, inspire infinite possibilities, and bring culture and stories from every corner to every user. FaceWorld leverages Facebook's advanced algorithms to provide users with a unique video exploration journey. Our intelligent recommendation system deeply understands each user's preferences and guides them to discover great content from around the world. Whether you're looking for inspiration or exploring the unknown, every interaction can be an opportunity to discover a new world. In FaceWorld, every touch reveals the unknown, giving users a global perspective at their fingertips.

Global investment and cultural diversity
FaceWorld's investment in global markets demonstrates our commitment to cultural diversity and strategic layout. The US$5,000,000,000 investment not only supports the development of the global creative industry, but also brings more diversified content choices to users. This initiative aims to stimulate creativity and talent and enhance user experience. As the number of users grows, we plan to introduce services such as online shopping, advertisers and brand endorsements, and corporate promotions to achieve stable revenue through traffic and jointly promote the growth and profitability of the platform and users.

Freedom of creation, respect for human rights

We firmly believe that every idea has the potential to become a new trend. We encourage creators to follow their passion and creativity, providing vast opportunities to reach a wider audience with their work. We focus on user privacy and ensure that no user information is leaked. We support freedom of speech and respect for human rights. No matter what your interests and stories are, you have the opportunity to be seen by the world on FaceWorld. We provide an environment for everyone to express and share freely.

The self-media short video platform provides creators with space to create freely. They can record, edit and publish their short video content through easy-to-use tools. The platform typically offers many special effects, filters, and music libraries. Empowering creators to quickly attract fans and viewers, they can capture attention and engage with their audiences through unique content and personal style. This interactivity allows creators to build a significant fan base and connect with them. The connection is tight.

Cultural integration and creative spark

FaceWorld is a self-media short video platform dedicated to advocating the concepts of freedom, diversity, and internationalization. As an open platform, FaceWorld encourages creators to freely express and develop their opinions, talents and creativity on its platform.

On FaceWorld, creators can share their stories, skills, creativity and ideas through short videos. The platform offers a wealth of creative tools and effects, allowing creators to showcase their content in unique ways. This free creative environment encourages creators to unleash their creativity to express a variety of styles and personalities.

FaceWorld also focuses on diversity and internationalization and is a global platform that attracts creators and audiences from different countries and regions. This diversity makes the content on the platform rich in cultural backgrounds and perspectives, promoting cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Recruit anchors

The self-media short video platform FaceWorld can provide a variety of support measures to support and help the growth and development of anchors. These supports include the following aspects:

Exposure opportunities: FaceWorld can provide potential anchors with more exposure opportunities, such as displaying their works in homepage recommendations, topic recommendations, or featured content, thereby increasing their visibility and audience.
Community support: FaceWorld can build an active community of creators, where mentors can communicate with other creators, share experiences, support and learn from each other.
Creative tools and resources: The platform provides a variety of creative tools and resources to help tutors improve their video production and editing skills and create more attractive and professional content.
Training and Coaching: FaceWorld provides training and coaching to help hosts improve their knowledge and skills in creativity, content strategy, and branding.
Co-Advertising Opportunities: The platform provides co-advertising opportunities to those who have the potential to collaborate with brands or participate in promotions, thereby increasing their revenue and visibility. The self-media short video platform FaceWorld can provide a number of support measures to support and help the growth and development of anchors.


FaceWorld combines the popular ChatGPT AI on the user algorithm engine. FaceWorld has reached a strategic partnership with OpenAI in the United States. FaceWorld can recommend favorite video content and friends to users based on their preferences and favorite usage habits. Users can access videos from creators and friends of different ages, genders, professions, backgrounds and cultures from all over the world on FaceWorld, communicate and interact with them, share their thoughts and feelings about their videos, and learn from their video skills and experience , and even interact creatively with them to create more interesting and high-quality works.

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